Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Best of the Best

I'm dedicating this post to random top b-school admits who cast some doubt on the idea that schools are really just combing through app's looking for the cream of the crop and that you can't just pay or brown nose your way in. I was inspired after just reading The Economist's 'News from the Schools' from May 2006 on a new Harvard admit.

Blake Gottesman will be attending Harvard. Though he has completed only 1 year of undergraduate coursework and has been toiling away doing important things like dogsitting in the meantime, the President's 26 year old personal assistant apparently wowed the admissions committee in some other mysterious fashion. But then, they did admit George W. Bush. ... and Jeff Skilling. Enough said.

Ivanka Trump I'm sure got into Wharton because of her stunning intellect and impressive work ethic. Maybe she did.

More updates to follow.

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