Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In other news

I heard about this several days ago on All Things Considered, but the New York Times had an amazing (long) article about the terrifying behavior patterns developing in elephants living in Africa. Apparently, they are attacking villages and raping (!) and killing rhinos. My god. I didn't even know animals could do such things. Elephants, apparently, are an especially amazing animal in terms of their social cohesion and decades of poaching and decimating older elephants in the herds has destroyed the normal social patterns and left young elephants without any elders to teach them how to behave. Wow. It's a long but fascinating article.

In MBA related news, I was decided to see if I could see any stats on top grad schools attended by alumni from my undergrad institution. It was interesting to see that the number one destination for an MBA for my fellow alums is Chicago according to the folks who keep track of such things. Hmmm. Maybe my intuition is correct then. We shall see. But then, the second most common destination was a very run-of-the-mill local program. (Local to the undergrad program.) Definitely not my second choice, but I understand that sometimes convenience wins the day.

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