Thursday, December 28, 2006

No whining

I feel like I tend toward whining too much on this blog. I would write more frequently but all I have to say most of the time is what's not going right in my life.

So we'll start out on a positive note. I discovered on the Manhattan GMAT website that an excellent verbal score and middling math score will get you a higher overall score than an excellent math score and middling verbal score. Funny. The logic is that the former is less common than the latter and gets rewarded. So that explains why my overall score was fine when my math score kept deteriorating. A nice little reward for me ... if it works out that way. Although I took a GMATPrep practice test and did heads and above better in math than I've been doing with Manhattan GMAT (I knew their tests were too hard) and not quite as well in verbal, so maybe I'm not that advantaged. My overall score was exactly the same as the last two MGMAT tests I've taken. Well, I have modest goals on this test anyway. As long as I'm above 700, I'm happy. I've not the time and energy to aim for 750+ even though I keep hearing it can improve your chances of earning a scholarship.

But on the negative (sorry), I seem to have come down with bronchitis and a nasty sore throat! I am especially disappointed because I pride myself in never getting sick. I only get sick when I am getting way too little sleep and working way too hard - neither of which seem to be the case now. However, Y pointed out that being pregnant could be taxing my body, especially since I'm still having a hard time eating, and making me more susceptible. The timing is just terrible. I took the week off my new job to study for the test and now all I can do is sleep. Oh well. I just want it gone by next Tuesday. I'm pulling out all the home remedies. The bad thing is that I can't seem to sleep at night (only during the day, ha) and, being pregnant, am afraid to take any sleeping aids. I see my midwife tomorrow - maybe she can help.

Our radiator finally got fixed. Yay! Although now that it's working we're discovering that the centralized heating system only runs in the morning and at night. So it's freezing during the day for those of us unlucky to be at home. I feel like I'm in Russia or something. And then, a few days after that was fixed, the water in our kitchen went kaput. Oi! Well, there's still a trickle of water so technically we can wash dishes ... very ... very ... very sloooowwwwly. Laugh. And (of course) we've yet to hear back from our landlords on this new complaint. We would just move but it's not a good time and we don't want to get locked into a new lease in the case that Chicago is kind enough to accept me.

On a happy note, I finally got TMobile to refund us an unjust fee. Ha. They refused to show us any proof that we had consented to this fee, just kept insisting that the proof was there, but a complaint to the Better Business Bureau got a prompt refund. BBB has a great little online complaint form. I highly recommend it. I wonder if I can use it against my landlords?

I definitely look pregnant now. Not just fat :) I really need new clothes. I was under the impression that all the fatigue and nausea and breaking out would just lift in the second trimester. Not so! So far that is. In fact I threw up for the first time the other day. Sigh. The kid's not even born and I have a whole new appreciation of my mother already. Y said a long time ago that he thought I would be a terrible pregnant woman. I was offended ... but I think he's right! I don't understand these women who love being pregnant. Either they don't feel how I'm feeling or they are crazy.

But I am enjoying daydreaming about my life after turning in this application. My life focus is going to be all about my husband and my friends. (And making friends in my new city!) And I'm allowed to think about nothing but beauty and art (aside from keeping up with the Atlantic and Economist). I just need a different focus for awhile. Especially before the baby comes and forces me to be practical again.

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