Friday, February 02, 2007


I gained 10 pounds since my last doctor visit, making up for my modest gains in the first trimester. It's a little alarming though still within normal. The alarming part is that I'm not really eating much more than normal, although I am exercising at a more moderate pace. I'm just worried that if it keeps up like this I'll be gigantic by the end. So I'm off to the gym! (Joy of joys.) I hate the gym. It's got to be the most boring thing ever. I much prefer ballet or yoga or running around outside, but the gym is convenient.

Scheduled my interview for Monday, February 12th. Perfect. Gives me time to sort out my wardrobe issues and think a little about my responses to unfortunate potential questions such as "Discuss an ethical dilemma you've faced" (can't think of any at all), "leadership", etc. I'm hoping my interviewer is friendly, so far he doesn't seem incredibly so by email.

Lastly, for the non-MBA/baby comment for the day. I am finding the Joe Biden snafu about Obama being the first "clean" etc. etc. black candidate very amusing. I don't know much about Biden but his "I mean 'fresh', not 'clean'" excuse is laughable. Well, he wasn't my first pick anyway. I think his comment was probably a pretty honest look into his inner opinions. Same with Gibson and Richards. I think Obama and Hillary should team up ...

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