Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Compulsive blogging

So now that I am "working" from home, I have a feeling my posts might become far more frequent. And not for the better. I did actually make some progress on the fellowships (Forrest is right that not being eligible for most of them is sort of a blessing in a way), every 30 minutes I think I should just can the applications.

Moving along on the house stuff. Although, always the penny pincher, I have to say that increasing the sale price of the house by the amount of the work they want me to do is sort of annoying because it just increases the commission I owe to the agents. Just by a few hundred or so, but it seems unfair. But don't get me started about the state of the real estate market. Its massive inefficiency makes me gnash my teeth. I have found using an agent to be very helpful given my circumstances but I absolutely could have done this all myself. But maybe it wouldn't have been worth it. I don't know. Too late now. Man, I am going to be so thrilled to be done with this part of my life and all settled in Chicago! Maybe I'll rent for the rest of my life ...

Taking Y out to dinner and to see Amon Tobin at Neumo's tonight to thank him for all his handy man work on the house all these weekends. I'm not familiar with Tobin's latest album but have liked older ones. We shall see how that goes. This Memorial Day weekend will be the first one since 2003 that I have not spent the holiday holed up studying like a mad woman for the CFA. Hip hip hip hooray to that. My sympathy goes out to those in the throes of study. May your mad efforts pay off. And Y and I met on Memorial Day weekend so it's an anniversary of sorts. We'll celebrate by going down to Portland to work on the house ;)

Time to go exercise. I'm still in my pj's! (at 4:30 p.m.?! yikes.)

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