Friday, June 01, 2007

Home Sweet Home, Where Art Thou?

I'm moving into obsessive mode about housing in Chicago. I'm trying to reassure myself that I have plenty of time but trying to do this housing search long distance and knowing that my abilitities will be greatly impacted by the soon-to-arrive babe are turning me into a mad woman. I'm addicted to Craig's List ... although it doesn't seem to be quite as popular in Chicago as it is here in Portland/Seattle. (Portland is a Craig's List mecca ... )

I also have the urge now and then to pull this blog all together. The shy, reclusive me can't figure out why I would post the details of my life in public.

Anyhow, figuring out where to live in Chicago is driving us crazy. Hyde Park = convenient = boring? South Loop/River West/etc = urban = more fun? Not that we're up for fun, or will be up for fun in the fall as we adjust to infant-land. Do we go super frugal now that we're a one income household with a new addition and a mom-in-tow to support? Or do we just live as comfortably as seems reasonable and not worry about the extra pennies? I think I spend too much time trying to economize but then the frugality pays off so it's hard to let go of. Right now, for example, we are living in a studio apartment and the savings have been fabulous. Living well below my means makes me a happy woman. But I sure would love a nice kitchen ... I miss being able to cook big dinners without running into myself. Or having friends over without running into them ...

So here it is 1:05 a.m. and I'm trolling Google for some hidden housing wisdom. I should go to bed though I'm starting to have more trouble sleeping these days anyway. The old belly is a bit burdensome and the weather has been really warm.

Ack! Off to bed with me.

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