Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's a Baby! (and I should be sleeping)

I really should not be posting. I should be sleeping. But I couldn't resist saying that he finally arrived!! Yay! 9 days "overdue". It was a long and difficult labor (according to the midwife, I wouldn't have known the difference) but stubborness prevailed and I was successful in my homebirth plan.

Baby Y is absolutely delicious. I can't take my eyes off him. Even when exhausted and overwhelmed by the struggle to get him to feed (who heard of a baby who didn't want to eat?!) I am just completely in love with him. But I don't know how women have babies while in school or just before beginning the term. My god. I need the full summer to recuperate and figure out how my new baby works. I am but a mere shadow of my former physical strength. Hopefully I will bounce back quickly but this week I am like an elderly woman, toddling around the apartment, exhausted by the mere act of getting dressed.

I have lots more to say about it all but that's the update at the moment. Babies are so fun! (And I don't normally say that sort of thing.)

Good luck, DreamingLady in your baby wait.


Sudha said...

You sound psyched!lol!
Get a lot of rest and get well soon :-)

Iday said...

Hey - this is my first time here (i guess) and what a news to start with :)

Many congratulations on Baby Y and yeah, babies are SO fun and i'd normally say that every time u ask me abt babies :)

Take a lot of rest. GSB eagerly awaits ur (and the baby's) arrival :) See you both soon!

forrest gump said...

sorry, I am late...but this is very good news. congratulations on Y, and enjoy being a parent. and i am guessing that you will easily be ready for school by sep 4th. congrats again. what do you say about celebrating Y's birthday quarterly? the first one would fall right in time for us to attend :)

forrest gump said...

sorry, i am late...but this is really good news. congrats on Y, and enjoy the parenthood (of course, tell us how it goes).

what do you say about celebrating Y's birthday quarterly - the first one would fall in time for us to attend :)) ?

congrats again!

Bancaku said...

Congrats! Hello to our new MBA baby!

Gabriel said...

Congrats :) make the most of this perfect moment in life :)