Sunday, January 06, 2008

On to the next quarter ...

Classes begin tomorrow. I have 8:30 classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday which is how I like it. Forces me to get out of bed and do something with my life ;) and leaves my Thursday and Friday free which is preferable, especially if I have to travel this quarter.

This quarter I am taking:
  • 30117 "M&A Accounting" is how I think of it. I think this is not commonly taken for IM folk but it was a subject that I'm curious about and don't feel well versed in. I am taking it with Bens, a visiting professor from Eller (e will be flying in every week to teach the course), rather than the super popular (and therefore expensive) Sapras. I'm cheap.
  • 33032 Managing the Workplace with Stacey Kole. It fulfills the HR requirement and hopefully will have a manageable work load. I'm looking forward to it though since it's not something I really know anything about. Closest would be my Labor Econ class in undergrad.
  • 37000 Marketing is the first course at the GSB that I had to pay points for (grrr). I'm excited about the class though because, unlike my first quarter, it's completely out of my current realm of knowledge. Marketing baffles me. I'm very curious to see what it's all about.

Next weekend is wInterview - an all day "workshop" to get us prepped for interviews. By the end of the month on campus IM interviews will be in full swing. It feels so soon.

Truth be told I am quite anxious about the recruiting process. On the other hand, I know that it will all work out one way or the other and I'm not hell bent on getting a job with one employer in particular. Part of me secretly doesn't want to do an internship at all this summer - I just want a break - that part of me would be thrilled if I didn't make it on any closed lists, or get any internship at all. Silver lining in every cloud or something like that .... in the grand scheme this is all so irrelevant. I'm very fortunate. I have such an easy, comfortable life in comparison to the challenges that the bulk of the world population faces every day. I have nothing worth worrying about. (I needed to say that, it's so easy to forget.)

Back to my stock pitch prep.


living off dividends said...

what are all these points?

points to get a class, points to get an interview.

is this b school or an auction?


MaybeMBA said...

An auction, I believe ... ;)

MaybeMBA said...

... how do other schools do it? I'm curious ...