Monday, March 10, 2008

Hyde Park's Dark Side

So my sister came out for the weekend to attend our cousin's wedding. Today she flew back west. She puts her suit case in the trunk of our car this afternoon, (parked on the street outside our aparment) walks up to the apartment to get us and by the time we get down there the passenger window is busted out and the suitcase is gone from the trunk! It's 2:00 in the afternoon. The post man is making his rounds. People are walking their dogs. What the hell? It was mind boggling. Someone had to have seen her put it in the car. Ridiculous. It was a crappy end to her visit, to say the least.

When my mom visited us in Seattle - her car was broken into - and we lived in a very nice neighborhood. And I had my car stolen out my drive way in Portland. But both of those things happened over night. I don't feel more unsafe in Hyde Park then other places I've lived but the amount of crime that happens in the middle of the day is unsettling. Granted, one should never leave anything of value in a car, but we didn't expect the crime to happen so quickly.

I feel so bad for my sister.

So future Hyde Park residents - be very careful. Apparently there is no safe hour in this neighborhood.

(p.s. waiting for the car window fix it man, a neighbor woman said the same thing happened recently to another neighbor. She left her car for 5 minutes to run into her apartment and by the time she got back the car had been broken into. And just the other week someone was robbed in front of my mom's apartment. And a few months ago someone was beaten up in front of our apartment. Mmmm. I still think it's worth it to live close to school but the crime around here does really stink.)

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