Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Quarter here we come

I am going to enjoy a highly boring spring break here in lovely Chicago. (It is snowing today, by the way. Piles of fluffy, wet flakes.) I've got a busy quarter lined up which I am looking forward to. (Though I may regret my schedule mid-way through.)

  • 41202 - Time Series: Deciding to live the "challenge yourself" mantra to the fullest I will be fulfilling my statistics requirement with Time Series Analysis. Not the usual approach but I see no point in repeating my undergrad/CFA studies. I already regret 33501 and 30116 last fall which were both old news and don't want to make that mistake again.
  • 42001 - Competitive Strategy: Didn't bid up for Bertrand last fall so taking with Knez this spring. The strategy stuff is a weakness for me - given how much I enjoyed my Marketing Strategy course I am looking forward to this one but don't plan to do any more strategy after this.
  • 35120 - Portfolio Management: the Big IM class - supposed to be an amazing course, cost me more than 8,000 points so it better be.
  • 34106 - Commercializing Innovation: my "fun class" for the quarter. Finally, a little something to scratch the entrepreneurship itch. Supposed to be a ton of work and also cost me more than 8,000 points. Really looking forward to this one.

Also hope to throw some yoga and ballet classes into the mix and start running along the lake.

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