Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring quarter update

I'm becoming an obsessive blogger! I've got many posts half-written but tonight I just wanted to mention that it looks like I'm dropping Competitive Strategy (42001) for Financial Markets and Institutions (35202), essentially an advanced corporate finance class. The annoying thing is that I have to take an evening section at Gleacher which does not work out well for my life. (I don't know how the evening students work and take classes! I hadn't worked all day and I was falling asleep.) I was warned by some fellow students that the professor I was going to take 42001 with isn't particularly good (unfortunately it happens here) and I'm in no mood for a mediocre course this quarter. I'm going to attend the class tomorrow morning just to be sure, but I'm excited about 35202. Bankruptcy and liquidity crises is always an interesting topic, but never more so than now.

So, with the exception of Commercializing Innovation, I'm all analytical finance this quarter which is a happy thing. Excel and Matlab make me a happy woman - it's a great relief. I enjoyed my detour last quarter but I can only handle so many cases - endlessly debating the subjective, my teammates' wordy write ups, combing through the text to find that illusive but critical data point - it was exhausting. I thought for a moment that maybe I should not spend too much time on the finance stuff at the GSB but, unless this quarter goes miserably, I think it's mostly finance for me here on out. We shall see.

[Note 3/7/08: Decided that the Comp Strat professor was just fine and that doing a night class wasn't worth the trouble. So kept my original schedule.]

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