Sunday, July 13, 2008

I don't want to go back to school

Found myself completely void of any interest in blogging for the last month or so. The last quarter was sort of miserable and left me with a bitter taste about the GSB and MBA land that I didn't want to pass on to readers. And it's just been great to spend more time with Baby Y and the fam and forget about the MBA for a bit. I am loving my internship (now 2 weeks in) and feeling confirmed that I am definitely in the right career path. Frankly, I'd be quite happy to just continue working and wish I was in a one year program. Fellow students think I'm crazy to say such things but working is still more fulfilling and restful than school for me, especially when I'm finally in my dream position, earned after so many years of thankless grunt work and preparation. Classes feel a bit irrelevant but upon reflection, I did get a lot out of the first year, and will likely get plenty out of the second too. Given how stressful last year was I am determined to make the second a much more enjoyable experience. If I'm not going to make any money, I may as well enjoy myself. The number one lesson of the last year was that there is absolutely no point breaking one's back on the MBA.

Anyhow ... I'll try to post little updates once or twice a week. More recaps and ruminations to follow ...

Good luck to all in your MBA (or non-MBA) quests ... keep me posted!


Anonymous said...

Dont say that. You are an inspiration to me and I am planning Pregnancy + MBA simultaneously.

MaybeMBA said...

Ha. Sorry about that. Just focus on the last bit - I learned that intsead of killing myself on classes, I should enjoy myself. I took a particularly masochistic first-year load that most GSB students (let alone new moms) were smarter to avoid and schools with required first-year curriculum wouldn't give you the opportunity do anyway. So my first-year misery was the product of my own foolish eager beaver approach. School definitely has its perks - I'll try to post about them shortly ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for a magnificently written and entertaining blog... You mentioned that you used an admissions consultant for your MBA application. Is there some company/person in particular that you could recommend to me??

Anonymous said...

Great. Looking forward to your post. I have few questions.

1. What is this LOE you guys had in Wisconsin.

2. Do u see any change in your ability to make decisions and priotitize tasks? I dont mean to dig out information. I am eager to know how gsb helped you personally.

3. I keep hearing about the framework and tools , which we can apply to any kind of industry

4. My e-mail is is If you dont mind, can you send your e-mail id so that I can ask you few more specific questions.

Selene said...


Let me begin by saying you have such an interesting blog. Best luck to you in your ventures.

I am in an accelerated MBA program (16 months) and I'm sure it would be very very painful and difficult to be doing that and having a child at the same time. I just had to go to school full-time, work, organize charity events, and cook every night.

Like you, I enjoy the work I am doing over the summer and find the prospect of going back and finishing school to be dreadful. I even considered the time I had spent in b-school as a sunk cost... :-( Then again, if it weren't for the MBA training, I wouldn't be working at a job that I enjoy.

So, good luck and I hope everything turns out well.