Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Opt Out Myth

Thanks to anonymous for the heads up on yet another MBA mom opt out story. The title made me wince and a few things didn't sit well with me but there is much truth in this article too. Babies change everything. And the one and only difference between men and women is babies. And there is no way around this. It makes for hard choices. But anecdotes are not facts and Harvard MBAs don't represent the average working woman. And most well-educated women don't actually opt out very long.

So I'll have to add this one to the opt out myth list (that will not die):

I have lots more to say on seemingly insurmountable gender hurdles but find myself unable to stop watching the Democratic convention and not up for penning posts on moderately depressing topics. (I profess to be an independent but I've yet to meet a Republican I'd actually want to vote for.)

On the internship front, the summer just gets rockier and rockier. Definitely interesting times.

I want to do something meaningful with my life - and it seems hard to imagine that picking the best short idea will really ever meet that criteria ... blah blah blah.

Enjoy the article. And the convention.

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Samantha said...

I at least like hearing that 72% of these Harvard MBA women were still working. That's a pretty high percentage. And like you said, a lot of women take time off and then go back to work after a year or two.