Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good Grief, I'm Tired

I can't believe only 3 weeks ago I was finishing the most relaxing 3 week break ever. How quickly the exhaustion returns. At least I'm not due until a couple weeks into the spring quarter when my load should be much, much lighter. I just have to make it for 7 more weeks. I really just want to take a long, long sleep. Not normally one for schedules, I am finding strict time controls for every task a necessity - which is somewhat tiresome. I prefer to just let my day flow as it may. I'm also moving into the phase of the pregnancy where there is much less room for me in the whole internal organ area. I feel perpetually smooshed ... and somewhat cranky about it.

Anyhow, I have many post I have been planning on penning, none of which involved opining on my fatigue, but I just can't think about anything else at the moment! Will try again another time.

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