Friday, January 02, 2009

I love my vacation

What a wonderful 3 weeks. I am relaxed like never before. If only I had 3 more weeks. I was thinking back on this break last year which was a miserable cover letter, interview prep, stock pitch research experience. Ugh. Not the least bit relaxing. I was so overwhelmed and stressed and then it only got worse ... for the rest of the year (farewell 2008!).

I've said this to a couple of first year GSBers already but just for the record, it doesn't pay to worry yourself too much over the internship thing in my opinion. If only I had known:
  1. It's not going to make or break your career (yes, if you don't get the inbanking gig with Goldman, odds are it may be your last chance with them. but if they don't want you - who gives a shit? you've got better things to do with your life)
  2. Ultimately, you're going to find what is right for you. Just because you think XYZ employer or XYZ job will fulfill your life dreams does not mean (a) that you're right or (b) that, even if you are right, that there aren't other just as great options out there
  3. There is a high probability that you're going to have to/want to go through recruiting all over again in your second year - so pace yourself
  4. For you IMers - getting an IM job is the most amazingly painful, arbitrary process ever (and you thought getting into a top MBA was hard ...) so just take it for what it is and make the best of it

And, if you do find yourself in your second year of the MBA sans job in the midst of a recession, I recommend you stash all job thoughts for 3 weeks and enjoy yourself for a little while.

Somehow this fall, inspired partly by our need to be extra frugal, I have re-discovered my love of cooking after a 2+ year hiatus. Between the temporary studio apartment pre-MBA, the newborn, the cross-country move, the job search, the career-identity crisis, the temporary summer housing, general grumpiness ... my cooking brain went into deep freeze. For a couple of months now, I have been cooking almost every night and it's been a great change of pace for me. And with the whole world shut down for Xmas and New Year's the past 9 days has brought roast veg lasagna, piles of latkes, gallons of applesauce, rugalach, Mexican wedding cakes (the little cookies), pfeffernusse, candied orange peel, caramel popcorn, banana muffins, pumpkin muffins, spiced cider, fresh lemonade (I love lemonade and can't believe I haven't been making it fresh before*) and pina colada sorbet. Among other things. A good college friend who also shares the cooking love was here all week with her boyfriend. Monday was my old favorite quick dinner standby of fish tacos**. Tuesday brought the always delightful Vietnames beef noodles (which I like to do with tofu when I'm not in the mood for cow). We enjoyed an Indian feast on New Year's eve and welcomed in 2009 with a New Year's day feast of Russian fare. Nothing like a week with folk who understand the pleasures of the kitchen to top off the break. My New Year's resolution is to buy only whole spices and roast and grind all of my own spices from now on. And I bought a little window box and am going to try to grow some herbs indoors. We'll see how that goes.

So good bye 2008. I can only hope 2009 is an improvement. I hope everyone is feeling happy and relaxed as well.

*Juice two lemons into a quart of water, add sugar to taste. Beats store bought any day.

**I use pre-breaded, store bought fish fillets (the good kind ala Trader Joe's/Whole Foods), corn tortillas (wheat tortillas = yuck), refried beans, thin sliced cabbage (either fresh or you can salt and let stand for 15 minutes + a little pickle juice for extra flavor), white sauce (just mayo + fresh lime juice) and whatever condiments are on hand such as fresh tomatoes, salsas (mango is great), Cholula, avocado, cheese. Just warm and assemble.


Christen said...

Write more!! I find the wait between your fabulous posts to be excruciating

MaybeMBA said...

ha. that's really funny - i was just contemplating a 2009 goal to try to post daily and was wondering whether that would be of interest. and then this week got so busy ... i posted nothing at all! well, if there is interest. i'll definitely try to keep it up more :)

Anonymous said...

yesss... please write!!