Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Waste Not, Want Not: Kovler Cafe Ecofies

Finally! Kovler Cafe (courtesy of Aramark) just switched over to biodegradable utensils and receptacles. Kudos to whoever engineered that reform. I hated throwing out all that plastic each day. Now if we could just figure out some way to minimize our lunch and learn packaging and get students to stop putting garbage in the big blue bins (is this the internationals??) we'll be making real progress.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

It is actually a career-related question instead of a comment. I am a follower of your blog for quite sometime. It helps me making my decisions even though I am based in Asia. Btw, just like you I am also a mother of two (you are going to be:)) who married very very young. So my kids are older.

I am preparing for CFA and probably for an MBA too. I am a career switcher, from humanities, who unexpectedly found different interests, i.e: finance and accounting. I can't decide which one that I like more to just concentrate on one. So I plan to continue my CFA quest (cos I've registered for the exam and enrolled in Kaplan course) and taking MBA with concentration in accounting later.

My question is, what kind of career/profession that one with finance and accounting specialization (like you) can realistically target following graduation? I am not the super ambitious type but really concerned that I must do something that I enjoy doing. Therefore, I hope there will be several types of professions that find knowledge in both fields useful. At this point, I also do not mind working long hours as my kids are already at the stage when they are more independent and I have wonderful nanny (I am fortunate enough to be able to afford one).

Please reply when you have the time. Thank you in advance:)

MaybeMBA said...

Hi Anonymous - great to hear from you. Well, explicitly finance/acctg positions could be divided into two buckets: corporate finance/acctg and financial services (wealth mgmt, capital markets, commercial banking, what have you). Financial services is especially bleak these days but generally that's a big hirer of people like me. On the corporate side you could work explicitly in a finance or accounting role but those skills also leak into other areas such as strategy and general management and even marketing.

In other words, you can really target anything that you want post MBA. It really is more a question of what you like doing each day, what sort of hours you like to keep, people you like to work with and what sort of industry/firms you like. For example, some firms have more blended roles due to being smaller or just structural preference, and some don't. Maybe there's a particular industry which really interests you (fashion, aerospace, publishing) and that will dictate what sort of roles are available.

I think that this specialization provides a very powerful set of tools to operate anywhere in the business world. There's not really any one career/profession that is most realistic to target. And most likely you will end up doing a range of things post-graduation.

So I hate to give you a non-answer but that's my thoughts at the moment. If you like the subject, all the better. It sounds like you have a good plan and will end up with a great knowledge base. As you move forward with your studies/exploration you will probably start to get a better sense of where you fit best career-wise.

Let me know if I can help more!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your reply:) It makes sense and is very useful.
I will do my part-time MBA and study for CFA at the same time. And all the while keeping my current job, which fortunately has very flexible hours. It will be a slow (and hopefully fun) process before I finally can have a career switch in 2.5 or more years time. I am sure, like you said, I can envision what I want to do by then.
Btw, I also didn't really enjoy pregnancy (apart from being able to eat for 2:)), but I love having my baby in my arms in the end. It was my happy moment, just before the period of sleepless nights and lack of (or no) social interactions began:-D
All the best for your study, career and babies.