Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Quarter 2009 Preview

Farewell, spring break. Here's to the last quarter of my MBA life. Crazy. It's almost over. I keep feeling that perhaps I'm not enjoying my education as much as I should be. But I've never been one for school and I certainly never shed a tear for my student days after getting my BA, so I have a feeling I won't mind graduating at all.

I have many posts in backlog, including a recap of winter quarter classes, so stay tuned for that, but just wanted to give a spring quarter preview today.

I only have two classes left to fulfill my graduation requirements, electives as well, and it looks like I'll be taking New Venture Strategy with Schrager (bid every point I had to get that and it should be good) and perhaps Network Structures of Effective Management with Phillips. (I'm still trying to get into Eisenstein's Managing Service Operations but do not have high hopes.) No offense to Professor Phillips but 39002 was not exactly top of my list of courses but it was free (point-wise) and looks like a good second year spring quarter+newborn option. And frankly, I am very curious about what we will talk about - it looks very MBA to me.

So this means that I'll have only 6 hours of class per week and what should be an immensely manageable homework load. (The antithesis to last spring when I had Portfolio Management, Time Series, Competitive Strategy and Commercializing Innovation. I would not recommend that schedule to anyone and definitely not someone with a child under the age of 1.) I am very excited about that and plan to to fill the remainder of my week (or whatever remains after #2 is fed, changed, etc.) with whatever I am in the mood to think about. Ah, that's my kind of schedule.

Technically, I could start taking advantage of my "free classes" (Booth lets eager beaver over achievers take up to 3 classes for free once graduation requirements are met, separate from the 3 free classes you get once graduated I think) but I am not in the mood for that especially since you can only get into classes with empty spots which tend to not be that interesting but mostly because I am trying to minimize my classroom time anyway.

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