Saturday, April 11, 2009

The savvy Luddite (on a lighter note)

Feeling a little less aggravated today ...

One of the requirements for Schrager's class is that we read the Wall Street Journal, or other "business paper of repute", daily. From time to time I like to go on a news fast. And I've been on a prolonged one since last fall. So slogging through a daily paper again is painful. I read the Economist every Saturday to get the critical economic and political plot lines for the week and the Atlantic Monthly gives me a pertinent and unexpected perspective once a month. I glance at the headlines on my homepage, generally ignore my NYT and WSJ newsfeeds, and listen to NPR in sporadic phases.

I would much rather read a good history or science book than master the evolving saga of TARP funds or poll figures real-time. I figure if it's important, I'll hear about it eventually. And when I am inspired to know the intricate bailout details some late evening, a little sleuthing around online is all it takes.

I've never lived in a house with a t.v. I hardly touched a computer until college. I passionately avoid texting. I change my Facebook status every other month. And while I can write small bits of VBA code when needed, edit my registry key without causing undue harm, do all my banking online, spend far more time with my laptop than my husband and much prefer email to phone, I have to admit I am a bit of a Luddite. Which wouldn't matter except that for some parts of my life, being a Luddite is not ideal. And I do wonder if my aversion to the daily news feed might be a handicap.

Underslept thoughts for a Saturday night. (While my husband and I recline in the living room glued to our respective laptops.)

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Metal said...

No TV, repulsion from texting and facebook. That is SO me! Thanks for teaching me a new word about myself, I too am a Luddite!