Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two Year Academic Wrap Up

For better or worse, here is how I used the flexible curriculum for two years. (FYI - I remember all of my courses by the course number not the name so am not using the official name for all of them.)

1st Year - Fall
30116 Footnote Accounting w/Skinner*
35200 Corporate Finance w/Seru*
33501 International Commercial Policy w/Levchenko**

1st Year - Winter
37000 Marketing Strategy w/Dhar
30118 M&A Accounting w/Bens
33032 Managing the Workplace w/Kole

1st Year - Spring
34106 Commercializing Innovation w/Meadow
35120 Portfolio Management w/Pastor*** (requires Matlab)
42001 Competitive Strategy w/Knez
41202 Time Series w/Tsay (requires R)
(not a schedule I would recommend to anyone let alone with someone with a 9 month old who just finished a grueling 6 month recruiting season)

2nd Year - Fall
35100 Financial Instruments w/Nosal*
30117 Taxes w/Weiss
30130 FSA w/Smith*

2nd Year - Winter
38114 Business Ethics w/Fogel
35210 International Corporate Finance w/Rajan***
38002 Managerial Decision Making w/Wu
42115 Building Innovation Strategy and Capability w/Tennant
40000 Operations w/Debo

2nd Year - Spring
40110 Managing Service Operations w/Eisenstein
34102 New Venture Strategy w/the one and only Schrager

*much will be review for someone with the CFA designation or prior accounting/finance experience but can be worth taking especially if you get a good professor but if you want skip to concentrate on other areas, you'll be fine.
**review for anyone with solid undergraduate Econ background that includes international trade coursework
***Pastor and Rajan are brilliant - course worth it just for the value that they add but much of the technical stuff is not new news if you have a finance background. I don't regret taking these courses though and it still was plenty of work.


Bschool Diva said...

How did you handle 5 courses in one quarter!?!

Sangjin said...

It would be great if you can talk about the particularly good/bad courses in a bit more detailed fashion -- that would be extremely valuable information for those incoming Booth MBAs like myself -- when you have the time/energy. I have been a regular reader of your blog for quite some time, and thanks for re-starting your blog! -- Chris

MaybeMBA said...

Ha - well it certainly was busy but if you aren't doing any recruiting it's not any harder than doing 3 classes plus recruiting especially if you take the right classes and are ok with just getting by

Chris - Congrats on your admit! I would love to elaborate but unfortunately I'm going to have to decline. I've ruffled enough feathers already. The bottom line is that there is some fantastic classes, some abysmal classes and most are in between. When you arrive you'll be able to access summaries of the course evaluations that we fill out with each professor which will give you a sense of which are better, academic services can sometimes provide guidance as well but I would also make use of 2nd yrs and always feel free to shoot me an email if you have specific questions about a particular professor. Sorry I can't be more specific here!