Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Colleges on parade (Seattle schedule)

Note to self and to other Northwesterners. Here is the rough schedule as it stands for schools visiting Seattle this fall. (apparently the only city in the Northwest worth visiting.)

Tue, Sep 12th - Harvard
Tue, Sep 19th - NYU
Wed, Sep 27th - Stanford
Thu, Oct 5th - Chicago
Thu, Oct 12th - Wharton
Mon, Oct 16th - MIT
Tue, Nov 7th - Columbia

Columbia will also be in Portland on Monday, November 6th. Kellog has not yet finalized a date for Seattle. Not sure that I can be in Seattle that much - that's one a week. But we'll see. I'm hoping to do my own tour of my top pick schools in the very first part of November so I'm not entirely sure if making a big effort to attend the sessions is worth it.

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