Monday, August 07, 2006

On a lighter note

Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season Five is out. Y and I actually bought the entire season (first DVD ever purchased) at Blockboster this weekend as their sole rental copy was out and blazed through the first 8 episodes in an evening and a morning. No wonder I was in such a good mood. I love watching t.v. on DVD - marathon sessions are so much more fun than eking it all out over many weeks.

Spent my allotted two hours reviewing Cracking the GMAT's Arithmetic and Algebra sections just now. Very straight forward stuff, although there are a few good tips in here that make it worth the review, hopefully. I'm hoping to finish up this book this week and move onto more challenging pieces next week. Many people don't recommend this book, but the fellow who founded 'Beat the GMAT' said he found it to be a nice introductory overview, so I thought I'd throw it into the pile. And btw, go to for a free GMAT exam. I thought it was pretty decent though I don't recommend trying to cram it into a couple of free hours after work, as I did last week. I wish I had taken it more seriously since it does a nice little analysis for you of where your strengths and weaknesses are and how much time you spent on each question. Good for placement purposes perhaps.

Off to yoga I go. Trying out a new studio tonight - I'm all about these introductory packages where you get a week or two for a bargain. There are so many yoga studios in lovely PNA here that one can keep going on the cheap for awhile - if you only do yoga sporadically.

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