Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Thursday

Thursday used to be my favorite day when I was working. Not quite the same when I've spent all day doing Data Sufficiency questions and have just another day of the same to look forward to. I've decided, even though it will cut into much needed GMAT study time, I am looking forward to getting a paycheck starting next week.

The weather has been crazy wintry here in old PNZ. It snowed on Sunday then when we were at the midwife's on Monday (got to hear the heartbeat, yay!) it was icing and snowing so that when we went to go home we had to put on our chains (which happily we left in the car from the trip to my parents' house) to get home!! This is the mild and moderate West Coast we're talking about. There were all these wrecks and pictures in the papers the next day with cars just scattered about the roads like toys. It's been terribly cold and I've been working from the apartment without heat for the past few days. Yuck. Luckily I've got hearty country roots and have been through worst.

I wonder if I'll get into Chicago. Sometimes I think they're crazy not to take me and sometimes I think they're crazy to even consider me. It's a weird process. I submitted my first drafts of my essays to ClearAdmit and am excited for the feedback. I am really glad I'm doing this because I have absolutely no idea if I'm even on the right track. (I'm really looking forward to that paycheck since this MBA application process costs a fortune!)

Anyhow, now I'm off to join a cool, chichi gym, but in a good way. Y discovered it. It has a view of the water and mountains and hard wood floors and is in an old art deco building I think. I'm just worried about a 12 month contract when I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be working out just pre-birth and postpartum. I've been trying to run around outside and get yoga classes in but with this awful weather I can't do much outside and yoga doesn't really get the heartrate up in that satisfying cardio sort of way.

Ok, bis spater.

(Oh, I'm also excited about this weekend, am going back to PNA. Get to see my kitties! I miss them :(

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