Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Wow. I keep thinking that I read the email wrong but it seems that I've been invited to interview. I am very, very happy even though it's a long way from invite to acceptance. Nonetheless it's a necessary step and a nice confirmation that my love for Chicago is not completely in vain.

I had a rather bad morning so it was an especially nice surprise. I have been really tired this week for some reason and let myself sleep in and then had to spend an hour sitting in traffic to get to my job where there is no work to be done. I don't know why they don't just end my contract. It's so frustrating to try to figure out what to do with myself all day. Yesterday, was the absolute worst. Today I worked a shorter day but yesterday I got in to work early and it was a long day. Being paid to do nothing is torture. Funny how that is.

Anyhow, my next challenge is finding a suit that will fit my expanding belly. Hmmm. This is not going to be fun. We toyed with the idea of doing the interview in Chicago so that Y could see the city but decided that it wasn't worth the money and time since how he feels about the city won't affect my final decision and I've already seen it. So I'll do an alumni interview here in PNZ. Trying to decide if I should enlist my consultant to help me prepare for the interview or just do it myself. I'm leaning towards the latter.

But off to bed I go. I need sleep!

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