Friday, April 06, 2007

A Now for a Proper Introduction

What a beautiful day here in Seattle! I didn't go into work today because I had a midwife appointment and needed time to finalize my fellowship applications but I'm so glad I get to sit here next to my open, sunny window instead of an office building today.

I've been feeling very stressed out and hardly got any exercise this week - trying to figure out what to do with my house, and my taxes and whether to apply for fellowships, etc. But it all just disappeared today. I walked to a taco joint for lunch and talked with a Chicago student who had been assigned to me on the phone about the school. Unfortunately, CWIB sent out the invitation to their Spring Dinner after I had already booked my tickets so I don't think I'll make that. But it's nice to have this new adventure to look forward to. I don't know why I was feeling so glum earlier in the week.

Anyway, I promised that if I got into an MBA program I would come out as a blogger and talk more about my application experience here. The first thing is that I will reveal that I am currently living in Seattle (previously referred to as PNZ). I moved here from Portland (PNA) last fall. You can get some more specifics about me in my first post.

To recap, after waffling on the MBA question for years, I finally made a tour of 7 schools last October and November - Kellogg, Chicago, MIT, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, and Wharton - and completely fell in love with Chicago, already my top choice. I decided to go ahead and apply to Chicago in R2, despite being pregnant with my first child, but not to any other schools. I know that very few take such a narrow approach to the MBA application process but it fit my personality and as it turns out, happily, I was successful. Frankly, I just couldn't see myself at any of the other schools I visited. Some I liked more than others, but I just wasn't excited about the idea of attending any of them aside from Chicago. As you can see from my blog, and the earliest posts, my dilemma was less about where to get my MBA than whether I should get one at all. I don't believe in back up schools and I my primary goal wasn't to get an MBA. After making my tour, my primary goal was to get an MBA from Chicago, otherwise I wasn't sure that I was interested.

So I'm writing this blog for others who may be reluctant about getting an MBA and I'm also writing this blog for women who are trying to figure out where babies and family comes into all of this. It's new territory to me, but hopefully I'll have something useful to say during the experience that may encourage other student mothers to give the GSB a try. More advice later! Meanwhile, I'm taking any advice I can find on how to sell your house without an agent ... auctions are the latest scheme ...


Denny said...

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Meghan said...

I just wanted to thank you for blogging about this topic. As a young woman, I am beginning to evaluate whether I can really justify getting an MBA given my desire to have kids in the near (relatively) future. There are surprisingly few blogs that actually discuss these issues. I'm looking forward to reading through the rest of your posts.