Monday, April 23, 2007

To FSBO or Not to FSBO

That was the question. In a rare moment of sanity, I decided to hire an agent. I definitely need to sell the house to pay for school and I think I've finally come to terms with the decision emotionally. I feel silly being so attached to my house but I have had it for almost 7 years now, the substantial portion of my adult life. Selling it makes me feel sort of homeless and insecure. But selling is also a great relief.

Y and I attended Chicago's admit weekend which was exhausting! (But then it doesn't take much to exhaust me these days.) I still find being admitted rather surreal and strange and did think a little bit more about whether or not I should go at all. (To MBA or Not to MBA ... the question still haunts me.) It's just that I never really expected to be accepted and from Chicago's Fall Preview until the acceptance decision at the end of March all my mental energies were directed towards trying to get in. In order to sell myself as a candidate I had to abandon my dilemma over whether or not I wanted an MBA and now that I have the luxury of choice, I needed to revisit the idea of whether this was right for me. The financial investment is huge. Moving my family across the country is major. I get scared about how my post-MBA career will fit with young children. Even though I love Chicago and many of the students and admits I've met, I still feel a little bit uneasy in the MBA/business world and how I fit into it. But not accepting would be heartbreaking (and ridiculous) and arriving back in Seattle and browsing CraigsList for cool apartments today has gotten me a little more excited about the move. And I just made my $1,000 non-refundable deposit. So I guess that makes me officially accepted.

Y and I will be going back to Portland a lot this month to work on getting the house ready for sale. But my goal is to whittle my to do list and stressors down to the bare minimum and keep it that way all summer. I won't work past the end of May so I can take the last couple weeks of childlessness easy and then I want to be able to spend at least 6 weeks just enjoying my baby and the beautiful Seattle summer before packing up. Moving is a chance to clear out all the clutter, physical and mental, and get a fresh start.

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