Friday, May 18, 2007

Week 37?!

Somehow I just completely missed week 36. Losing track of time but I am definitely in my 9th month now and feeling it. Took a ballet class on Wednesday and only made it through the barre. That may be my last class for awhile. I am just so immense and awkward that even simple barre work is hard to accomplish. I just don't feel like exercising at all. As of my Monday midwife appointment it seems that I've gained about 35 pounds. Oy! I don't care about the number exactly but it would explain why I feel like a lumbering elephant. After my intense dizzy spell on Tuesday I told my employer that I would continue working for them, up to my due date, but I didn't want to make the trek on 520 anymore. (I live in Queen Anne and work in Kirkland.) It's stressful and tedious and getting myself packed for the day and out of the house with my mush brain takes way too long. So that will cut 5-7 hours out of my week spent staring at someone's tail lights. Thank goodness. I mean, they're lucky I'm still willing to work. And I'm lucky I can do it from home. So that's a happy compromise.

House inspection was yesterday and apparently my home did fairly well, given that it's 80 years old. Apparently some sewer issues (roots and such) were the only real concern. I'm trying to push the date of possession back to the date of closing (or forward, depending on your perspective), so that I don't have to do the rent back. Maybe we can bargain. We took this offer before putting it on the market with the stipulation that they were pretty much buying it as is. So hopefully they won't try to wrangle a lot of money out of me on the sewer. But I'm sure it will turn out ok. Just need to wait and see. Isn't this fun?

A couple of coworkers took me out to lunch yesterday and gave me cute baby things and I found myself starting to understand the whole nesting thing a little bit more. First of all, I am a disaster when it comes to creating a nice living space. I am all function and no form. I appreciate form (that's why I married Y, he's great at creating beautiful living spaces) but I seem to have absolutely no ability to make a simple room into anything interesting. So, unsurprisingly, creating a nursery or picking out baby stuff was just going right over my head. I'm trying to figure out which mutual funds to invest my IRA in this year and when the date of closing on my house should be and how to save money on movers. I've had a hard time wrapping my mind around diapers and onesies. But getting the baby stuff I started to have an urge to do some shopping (my least favorite activity ever) and Y says, "Your're nesting! How cute." So maybe some magic 9th month hormones will help me get my baby prep act together. Let's hope.

Unfortunately, we're going down to Portland to do some house stuff this weekend and I won't get a chance to do baby prep. But maybe next week I'll start ...

But right now I think I'll go work out. And take a shower. And eat lunch.
(I'm on a news fast and it's doing wonders for my stress levels.)

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