Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Made one last trek back to the Methow before the baby is born. Has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth but my overriding thought every time I go back is "Thank g-d I don't live here anymore!!!!" I am always so relieved to come back to the city afterwards. My parents have been living without hot water for 13 months and counting, to name but a few of the inconveniences they withstand out there. So far, they continue to be some of the most original and unusual people I have ever met. The consultant I used for my essays was critical of me referencing my parents and upbringing in my Why MBA essay but the experience of growing up so socially and geographically isolated without electricity or real roads or plumbing, etc. shaped my person and my goals so profoundly that it was hard not to mention any of that. (I'm planning a more detailed post later about essays.) And everytime I go back for a visit I just marvel at it all over again.

Happy news is that my suit against my house painter is finally settled (or about to be). He finally wisened up and made me a reasonable offer for settlement instead of dragging it through the courts. I have yet to mail in my signatures but that is a big relief. The house sale is still plugging along. We've signed all the counter offers and addendums. I still have to decommission my old oil tank which could be a $1k job if the soil isn't contaminated or could be much worse if there is contamination. More joy of old houses. (If only I could tell the 7 year younger me what I know now about owning an old house.) Home inspection is Thursday which I feel nervous about.

Trying to figure out when to move out of the house and when my renters should move and coordinating that with when we're moving out of our apartment to Seattle and how to get my mom moved too (who lives 4 hours in the other direction) and the uncertainties of my abilities post-baby birth is quite a puzzle and has caused me many sleepless nights. (was that even a sentence?) My midwife reminded me yesterday that I can't really keep putting off preparing for the baby's birth any longer. (But we finally got an infant car seat! For free too. So we're not the worst expectant parents ever.) I am in my 35th week and really we're fast approaching the point where it could come any day. I'm assuming that it will be on time to late, but that's a big assumption. The thing about doing a home birth (as we have finally decided on) is that it requires a little more preparation than just showing up somewhere so we need to get on top of that too. My mom gave us her view on what we need for a new baby and, given that she's all for simplicity but still thinks that cribs and swings and strollers etc are essential, I had to question my decision to buy essentially nothing. Back to shopping we go.

Actually working from home today because I woke up with such intense dizzy spells that I didn't feel safe driving. Really, I'm just tired of going in at all but they don't want me to quit yet so I figure this is a happy in between for all. The weather in Seattle is beyond gorgeous and although working from home is sort of lonely, being next to an open window and being able to look at the water and the mountains all day is fantastic.

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