Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What a lovely weekend

Y and I celebrated not being in Portland painting or gardening by taking a ferry out to Bainbridge Island. Not very exciting but a completely leisurely, unplanned day requiring no physical exertion at all. We bought lunch at Michou's in the market and ate it at that little park with the totem pole looking out at the water and mountains. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I tend to take all our amazing scenery for granted. I'm trying to force myself to luxuriate in it before I no longer get to gaze at snow capped mountain and enjoy the sea air on a daily basis. Dinner was Thai with a childhood friend. I still have not found a very good Thai place in Seattle. There's a little place in Portland which must be the best Thai outside of the real deal (Thailand) that has me turning up my nose at everything else. So if you know good Thai in Seattle - let me know!

Sunday we bought veggies at the market in Ballard and later tried to figure out what responsible parents of a newborn would purchase. So many gadgets and gizmo's. We hate plastic and we hate clutter and we don't have a lot of room, so we're trying to just buy the absolutely vital. So far we have nothing. Any opinions would be great! We're leaning toward a Moses basket instead of a crib but I guess that may just last us a few months. Since I'll be breastfeeding I want the baby close at hand for the next year. But those co-sleeper gizmo's are too tall for our platform bed. It may be that the baby will just end up in the bed with us for a year but at this point I am afraid I will fall into a deep sleep and crush her/him. So a little distance would make me feel better. Breast pumps look like a lot of trouble and potentially painful. Strollers look like a hassle. We'll just strap the baby on and reassess as it gets older. Monitors, diaper wipe warmers (?!), changing tables, swings, playpens, no thanks. Do kids really need high chairs? I'm all about the basics.

Anyhow, I'm actually writing to cheer myself up. While the offer on my house is good news and a big relief, I still just feel sort of sad and out of sorts about the move. Am I the only person on her way to a fantastic MBA program (her top choice) that feels like this? I don't know why exactly. I'm ready to move on actually and looking forward to a change in scenery. But I do feel sad to sell my house. I can't help it. It's just the way that I am. Always looking for the gloomy side of life :) I prefer the familiar to the new. I'll probably feel better once it's all said and done, not just impending.

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