Friday, June 01, 2007

Mentor ... check

Finally, got 'round to selecting a mentor today - I was afraid no one would be left by the time I chose one but there's probably plenty of admits who have yet to complete this task. (If you don't pick your own, they'll pick one for you at the end of summer.) Now I just need to pick a pediatrician.

Do all bschools do this? It's a little bit hard to pick just given the bare facts about second-years but presumably, since they volunteered to do this, they'll be enthusiastic about it which is probably more important than exactly what concentration they are or what firm they're interning with. But then, all of the GSB students I've come into contact with have been incredibly friendly and helpful. It's sort of amazing. I'm not sure where Chicago's rep for social ineptness comes from ... maybe I'll see more of that once I'm on campus or maybe since I went to truly nerdilicious undergrad institutions (complete social ineptitude) my standards are a little off ... But really, I think GSBers are a great bunch. Inpretentious but bright. A nice combo.

But we'll see how the mentor thing pans out ...

Yesterday was supposed to be my last day going into the office but I have a feeling they'll rope me into coming back. I'm not very good at saying no to employers ...

Got very little sleep and look pretty haggard but maybe I can fit in a nap. We're having people over for dinner tonight which we rarely do given the aforementioned space constraints ... need to plan a menu ... and wash/sterilize stuff for the birth ... and send my renters their monthly bill. Can I just say one more time how ecstatic I will be to end my landlording experience come July?

My news fast is going well. I have absolutely no idea what's going on: who has bombed whom or insulted whom or committed indiscretions with whom or how fast the glaciers are disappearing or how much money has been sqaundered in Iraq lately or where the S&P is or how industrial orders are faring. It's a lovely relief. I may just keep this up all summer!

In happier news though, it looks like 38% of people are not entitled to their opinion ... phew! ;)

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forrest gump said...

the mentor thing is pretty informal, i am told. first, even if a person is not your mentor, you can get a lot of info out of him. second, what you get from your mentor is solely upto you - hopefully we have chosen people who will be forthcoming with two answers when i ask one question ;)