Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's always something

Boy, I have been meaning to post a meaningful MBA related post but instead I find myself turning to this blog to relieve stress. Now that the house stuff is wrapped up I am obsessing about our move to Chicago. I just can't figure out how to do it. It doesn't help matters that I am a die hard cheapskate. (I prefer to describe myself as frugal though ;) So first we thought we'd rent a Penske truck and drive husband, mom, baby and self to Chicago - our usual mode of moving. Then, especially with the Seattle to Portland with baby experience, we decided that was insane and that we should use UPack and that Y will drive the car and my mom and I and Baby I will fly to Chicago. Then, after the Mayflower agent sweet talked me into considering a full service mover, I find myself getting quotes from these folks too. I just don't know what to do! To spend $5k or so on a move is so painful. But my DIY ways have caused so much stress and unpleasantness in the past, perhaps it is time to just pay up. I find myself spending way too much time on www.movingscam.com trying to figure this all out and driving myself mad. (I should be napping with Baby Y now - who was a very unsleepful baby last night. Grrr.) Aside from the money, the appeal of the Penske option is having total control over my possessions and not getting wrapped up in being disappointed or needing to take action against a mover. I just don't have the energy for that. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Y and I are way past the point at which we could just sell everything and hop on a plane to Chicago. Too many precious things in our lives now. Even our houseplants we are not willing to replace! Clearly, we are people who should not be traipsing around the country as much as we do.

Blah, blah, blah. Will try to post a non-whiny post soon. (I deleted yesterday's uber whiny post.)


Jennifer said...

I moved from IL to PA not long ago. Here's what I did: full service mover for furniture and most of stuff (hubby followed driver to weighing station after he filled up the truck to see the weight in person and avoid over-charging scam - turned out our stuff was a lot lighter than they estimated and we didn't owe near what they told us). Before they loaded the stuff into the truck I labeled each box with a number on all sides and took a picture of the box so I could have a record of what it looked like. I was not happy about the lack of control over the stuff, so we also rented a uhaul trailer for car and put all our important, irreplaceable stuff in there (photo albums, yearbooks, framed items, favorite clothes, etc)and drove this to PA. When the mover arrived in PA a few days later, checked the numbers to make sure all boxes were there (they were).

MaybeMBA said...

Wow. Thanks for the helpful comments :)