Saturday, July 21, 2007

Home is Where the Heart Is?

(Husband) Y and I just arrived back in Seattle. I am so relieved to be here. I am so relieved to no longer own a home or be a landlord. Seven years of headache and worry. Gone. I never imagined I would ever be so glad to hand over a home I loved so much to strangers. But with the responsibility of taking care of Baby Y and the unknown of Chicago looming, bursting pipes or cranky renters would just send me over the edge at this point. (And have actually sent me over the edge, many times already.) It's a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. It's going to be a very long time before I feel like owning property again. That house was like a full-time job and the prospect of turning all that time and energy (and money!) towards the other parts of my life is really exciting. We (mom, sister, husband helping) had until midnight yesterday to empty and clean the house and we were out at half past midnight. It was a mad horrible race against the clock. I learned my lesson there!

No fellowship for me. No surprise there.

Anyhow, on the upside, being done with the house and the Portland part of my life and being in the final stages of securing housing in Chicago has finally made room for me to be excited about the upcoming move. I felt like a spoil sport when people would ask me if I was excited and I just felt overwhelmed and exhausted by the logistics of everything I need to accomplish in order to get to Chicago and couldn't express any enthusiasm for it all. Y and I are just really excited to leave the Northwest and do something new. Leave the good and the bad of our lives here and have some fresh scenery. Anyhow, it's just a relief to feel excitement finally. I was beginning to think that something was wrong with me! What a summer ...

Also, if you are a fellow GSBer you will know who I am soon enough. I doubt there are many other student mothers from the Pacific Northwest attending ;) I don't expect to hang onto my anonymity forever but trying to is comforting for me since I am still not yet comfortable with this whole blog thing.


Sudha said...

I understand what u mean by the lack of excitement. there just seem to be SO MANY things to take care of. Good that u r finally feeling some. (yay!)

i am still waiting :(

Iday said...

I think i do know who you are. If i am correct, u sent a mail to the google group id asking about student moms! I then did a search in the community directory to check the location as well :)

It all matches perfectly, unless i missed something!

MaybeMBA said...
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