Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Joy o Packing

  • In Portland all this week to pack up the house and turn it over to the new owners. I am really looking forward to Saturday when this will all be behind me. I hate packing, especially when I'm trying to sort through 7 years worth of stuff - don't want to move it to Chicago but don't want to get rid of it either ... what to do, what to do! Been a rough week but the end is in sight.
  • Trying to figure out how to move our family to Chicago. We were going to rent a Penske truck but have come to the conclusion that that may be insane given that Baby Y will be about 10 weeks old at that point.
  • But Baby Y and I are getting the hang of the newborn thing and I am no longer in excrutiating pain. Thank goodness!
  • We may have found an apartment in Chicago too which will be a huge relief.
  • Had an interview for a fellowship today which I (of course) desparately want and I've been worrying all day (afterwards) about how I probably screwed up my chances by my brain deadness. I think they want someone who wants to definitely be in Chicago afterwards and I just can't make such a claim at this point. Oh well ... I could definitely have made a better impression though I think. I can be so amazingly inarticulate. Luckily it was today and not yesterday when I was operating on 2 1/2 hours of sleep. Ugh.
  • I'm also worried about the 3 day retreat we have to do upon arriving at the GSB in September. I can't really be away from Baby Y that long yet given that he's not a formula baby but they don't want me to bring him even if my mom was there taking care of him all day. Pumping a 3 day supply of milk (that's a lot this early in the game!) especially just before moving cross-country (how to keep it refrigerated?) will be no easy matter. And it may seem inflexible but I'm not about to feed him formula. His well-being comes before everything else. I just hate asking for special circumstances or standing out in any way. Babies definitely make life much more complicated but I'll have to get used to it! :) We'll figure it out though I'm sure.
Looking forward to Saturday!!


GSB 2009 said...

I'm curious who you are...

HairTwirler said...

It sounds like you came up with a reasonable solution and Chicago is being a bit unreasonable! I hope it works out.