Sunday, August 19, 2007

Am Soooo Tired ...

So what should one do when, after waking waaay too early to swim around a studio apartment full of half packed boxes, trying to wrestle pots and pans into wrong sized cardboard squares while acting as a human bouncy chair to cranky two month old darling son, as husband and mother traipse to far away city to rescue other half of worldy possessions with a fresh Penske truck, one's back has seized up, arms have turned numb and eyesight is fading? (GMAT grammar police, how did I fare?) Blog a bit, of course. This will be our fourth move (of sorts) in the past 2 years and I am getting rather tired of the packing game. Packing up the little apartment is so much more straight forward than our recent moves but it's still awfully tiring, especially when alone with the babe. And we'll be moving again in a mere 2 years. Sigh.

But enough with the whining! (p.s. Gonzales' resignation cheered me up though but this Marketplace piece on coal mining in Appalachia was so immensely depressing.)

Last week I finally sat down and watched the instructions for how to bid for classes and have been reading through the course catalog and building a big spreadsheet to rank my choices/options/schedules. Picking out classes is so fun and affirms that I'm doing the right thing by going back to school now. I would be very disappointed if I had chosen to defer, I think.

Chicago runs on a quarter system and typically one takes 10 classes in the first year, with 4 classes in one quarter and 3 in the other two. (Though presumably one could take more or less in any given quarter ...) One of my current dillemas is whether to put the quarter with 4 classes at the beginning (before recruiting starts) or in the spring (when Baby Y is a little older and we have the school with baby routine down more). My other dillemma is whether I want to head toward PE/VC or more classic investment management since that would impact which courses I chose to take and their timing. Hopefully academic advising and career services can help me sort that out but we really hit the ground running and need to place our bids in the first week of "orientation" (or Core, as it's called), so I need to have a good handle on myself before showing up, especially with ye young babe in arms. Some of the advice I heard from current students was to just take what sounds interesting and let your concetration fall where it may which is appealing in some respects but I am afraid I may not maximize my time without a very clear plan going in.

Anyhow, so this is it. Most of our stuff is boxed. I received my $12k plus first quarter tuition bill in the mail. We have an apartment lined up ... this is really happening. Strange to think that what was just a glimmer of an idea a year ago has thrown so many changes at us - a baby and an MBA. Both things have turnd my life upside down - but definitely for the better (or so we assume :).


The Dirty Canuck said...

(1) congrats on the baby, the move, and all that.

(2) if you have questions regarding classes, profs, etc, hit me up.

(3) i agree wholeheartedly - the concentration doesn't matter one iota. the classes though? matter a LOT.

Ganja Turtle said...

Mother to Baby y ;-)
Class of 2009? whither art thou?!