Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Am I tired. I feel like I'm in a fog. I managed to get some breakfast and now Baby Y is sleeping so I am free to tackle ye olde To Do List but I just want to sleep. Unfortunately, the To Do List cannot be ignored. Sigh. I vaccilate on whether to talk much about day to day life (would involve lots of whining methinks) or just stick to the big picture. I managed to glance at the news yesterday. I am so out of it (I didn't even know about the bridge collapse until Y just happened to mention it in passing, assuming I had heard) that I worry a bit about looking like a fool this fall, having totally missed what was happening on the rest of the world for the past 5 months. (My Baby Bjorn bouncy seat just arrived. Yay! I'm hoping this will entertain Baby Y in some of his waking moments - giving me more To Do List time. I regret our lack of baby prep since shopping with a baby is impossible. But that's the joy o' internet shopping. Thank you, Amazon! Bought a Moby Wrap but it's really hard on my body to wear him all day. Hopefully it'll be easier once I heal fully.) Anyhow, perhaps I just need some coffee - am meeting an old friend for high school this afternoon, will drink lots of coffee and hope for the best.

But we seem to finally have a moving plan. My mom, Baby Y and I will fly to Chicago the week before Core starts and poor Y will drive a Penske truck to Chicago, dragging our car behind him. We looked at the UPack folks and the full service movers and not only were neither option particularly cheap (especially since our belongings are split between Portland and Seattle) but we would be without our possessions for an awfully long time and couldn't count on when they would arrive exactly. The self-move plan is actually simpler though not so fun for Y.

I can't believe I'm back to school in less than a month. Goodness, I hope this works. I feel hopeful and confident but also a bit dubious. But we are really excited to be moving to a bigger apartment (2 bedroom compared to our current studio) and Y is actually really excited to move since it means he gets to work from home. And I am excited to not be on sole baby duty 20 hours a day. I'm all for sharing the burden.

It's all about prioritizing right now - never was that more important. I just have to let go of anything that isn't vitally important to the move or the school plan.

Onward! :)

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Anonymous said...

You got balls of steel doing this. I admire you and think you will do just fine. See you at CORE.