Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First week of classes

Well, I want to keep blogging but time is crunched, so I think I'll resort to "bullet blogging" - short and sweet. (I tend to like to blather.)

I wanted to do 4 classes this quarter but was not successful in my initial bidding attempts. (I find the bidding system a bit stressful actually.) I wanted to save points for expensive courses down the road and the marketing folks bid sky high to get McGill ... I didn't get my courses until the second round of DAS. They're changing the bidding system so future GSBers will be facing a somewhat different situation. Anyhow, I think it was actually a blessing that I only got 3 classes because with LEAD (our only mandatory course) and the career search, I'm pretty maxed. I'm also still waiting for my laptop to arrive and am completely disorganized. More than half of students take 3 courses in their first 2 quarters, 4 in the 3rd, depending on their recruiting cycle and personal preferences.

So, I'm taking:

Corporate Finance (35200) with Seru, a new professor. I skipped the prereq Investments course because I figured the CFA covered that courses well enough. Corp Fin is a required course for many of the Finance courses, including the PE Finance course I'm hoping to get next quarter (if I bid well ...). Much may be review but I thought it would be a good starting point for my first quarter.

International Commercial Policy (33501) with Levchenko, also a new prof. This is essentially a Int'l Trade course which I'm using to fulfill my Micro requirement. Figured it would be more interesting than the basic course.

Accounting and Financial Analysis I (30116) with Skinner, Australian fellow with a sense of humor (nice in an acctg course). This is the "footnoting" course - will help me finally figure out what the hell White, Sondi and Fried were jabbering about in the CFA texts ... I'm actually really excited about this course.

Sitting through 3 hour lectures is brutal but I do like how concise my schedule is. I'm taking all my courses at the Harper Center, none at Gleacher = no evening or weekend courses, which are an option.

Y has requested I do some family time ... More later.


Anonymous said...

I thought my course load sucked... I think yours might be even worse. And for the record, its really weird to be excited about 30116, you know that right? :)

Hope to meet you one day.

The Dirty Canuck said...

: re: 35200 - it's a good class, even though a lot of it is a review. when we do this stuff for the CFA, it's very programmed. most of the nuts and bolts in 35200 is from a case perspective.

: re: Entrep Fin & PE - good good class. you really need to think integratively (is that a word?) to do well. i took it with Zingales, which meant moderate workload. Meadows is more from the "i did this for a living side" and Kaplan is more academic. both are more workload heavy than Zingales.

: re: 30116 - Skinner is the man. he loves the Simpsons, FYI. his workload is moderate, but i found it didn't enhance the CFA material much. still worthwhile since you'll spend so much time in your finance classes ripping through F/S.