Thursday, September 27, 2007


  • How to be schmooze, raise a baby and get my homework done? Suggestions?
  • Yeah, it is a bit strange to be excited about footnote accounting ;)
  • Articles like this make me feel like moving to the country and forgetting there's any such thing as a stock market
  • Hate being in the PE/VC bandwagon, but it's really what I'm interested in. But don't feel hopeful about my employment prospects.
  • Interested in waay too many student groups. As a result, am joining none ... so far.
  • Subscribe to WSJ. Receive 4 papers and barely make it past page 2. Cancel WSJ. Vow to read WSJ in career office before 8:30 classes each day ... any bets on how that will turn out?
  • Will Baby Y love my mom more than me?
  • Where the hell is my laptop?
  • Is taking ballet classes a "waste" of time? But it's so much more interesting than the gym.
  • Placed grocery order on Peapod. Desperate for delivery, our shelves are bare.
  • Parking in Chicago is hazardous, ask me why.

A glimpse into my Thursday.

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The Dirty Canuck said...

i had the same problem with the WSJ. if you want a much better, more concise read, try the Financial Times (does the European Business Group still offer a free one-year subscription?). it whittles out all the lifestyle crap that has overtaken the WSJ as of late. i log onto every morning and within 10 mins can anything relevant for the day. but yeah, if you have 15 mins to drop into the career centre, you'll get all you need from the WSJ.