Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Melt Down

I finally just hit this point of utter fatigue today. Completely forgot about 2 lunch events I was planning to attend and just trekked home after 11:30 class to the refuge of my apartment to eat left overs. The onslaught of email is mind numbing. I need to set up some filters. I just need to get organized in general. I still am completely perplexed about whether I am going to focus all of my energy on venture capital or if I want to have a back up plain vanilla investment management plan. Or is there some other career I'm overlooking?? (the ever present question) I simply cannot afford to get distracted. But it's terrifying to launch myself headlong towards some hypothetical goal that I'm not entirely sure is the best fit for me. (I can hardly form proper sentences today.) I was seriously considering dropping out and taking my tuition money while I have it - start a business or something. How stupid would that be?

Well, off to do homework. Here's to hoping for an easier Wednesday.

(The key to surviving this experience methinks is keeping a little distance - doing some non-bschool things now and then. And not worrying so much about missing out by not attending every lunch and learn to come through town :)

Coming home and cuddling Baby Y is a fantastic antidote. He just doesn't give a damn about my resume or leadership skills or lunch plans. He's just soft and squishy and excited to be alive.


Anonymous said...

This is the very first post of the very first blog i am reading on Clear Admit's site. Maybe, hang in there. You are now working to make not just yourself and your peers proud but your baby as well. So long as you can provide for yourself and family, help when you wish to help, and use that brain to change the world, you will be fine. A tall order but if you can survive motherhood (and you will), you can tame anything. I also have my eyes on Chicago and look forward to living vicariously through you. Good luck with everything; I'm gunning for you.

Sudha said...

If its any consolation, such stuff happens to everyone. even those of us who do not have major personal commitments, aka, babies :P

yesterday I got back home after class at 3:00pm and treated myself to some retail therapy in New York's famous boutiques.

Yes, that also means I will be giving up shampoo, coffee and booze for the next month. May be even food :D

Wannabe said...


I've admired your pursuing an MBA while being a mother. I am considering applying to Chicago GSB and was wondering whether you would be able to discuss a few matters with me? I understand that you're _really_ busy.... but if you could spare me maybe a few emails, I would really be thankful!

You can email hopeful.wannabe (at) gmail.com if you have the time! I appreciate it.... thanks and all the best.