Thursday, October 04, 2007

To a GSB free weekend

So things are on the up here since my emotional Tuesday.
  • Met with two career advisors (second years who have some expertise finding internship/employment in a particular industry), one from PE and one from IM.
  • Attended my first VC/PE student group function.
  • Discovered I can take free ballet classes on campus :) (free is an excellent price).
  • Had a completely GSB-event free weekend which (no offense to the GSB) was much needed. Spent the entire day with the family trying not to ponder the 'what do I want to be when I grow up' question. Baby Y slept through our visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo - I'm excited for when he's old enough to appreciate kid activities. The zoo was a baby extravaganza with herds of strollers.
  • Still tempted by the "ease" of recruiting for straight buy-side equity analysis position but thinking I'll still try to do VC this year. Will be a learning experience ... (and the prospect of never reading 10K footnotes for my living is awfully appealing.)
  • Laptop now expected to arrive in early November (!), yikes. Bah.
  • Still battling Rain Fitness (Seattle gym) to stop billing my credit card. They are corrupt assholes - future/current Seattlites, do not give them your money! Time to get out the big guns - $42.47 per month adds up! (#$&^%#$#!)
  • It's too bloody hot here for my mild Pacific Northwesterner taste. The air conditioning in our apartment barely works. Where is autumn?
  • And why is there no Trader Joe's in Hyde Park? Students = TJ's. Seems simple to me.


quynh said...

hi, i wanted to ask when is the first day that mba students are supposed to arrive for orientation? sometime in early september? thanks

MaybeMBA said...

I arrived Labor Day weekend - I think that's typical. The exact schedule should be somewhere on the GSB website.