Monday, November 12, 2007

The good thing about babies

Continuing on yesterday's theme about trying to do an MBA with a little one, I think I also am a little bit surprised at how difficult it can be to try to integrate into student if you have a baby. And I think this would be true for student fathers as well as student mothers. (Off the record, the GSB is trying to become more family friendly so hopefully we'll see this change.) But so many events center around drinking or just aren't baby/kid friendly. Partners and children are welcome to the Friday afternoon LPF but other than that, almost all social events tend to be geared toward the childless ... and sometimes, it seems, single. I am doing my best to try to see this change, but currently, I find myself opting out of a lot of events because I am just not willing to spend an evening away from Baby Y after I was away all day.

On the other hand, having a beautiful baby to come home to is pretty damn great. Nothing cheers me up like hugging Baby Y when I get home and seeing him get so excited to see me. And taking him on campus is lots of fun, for him and for the other students. (Who wouldn't love a laughing baby to break up the monotony of accounting homework?) Being a mom also forces me to cut out all the extraneous committments in my life and just stick to the vital necessities. I have even less time to waste than ever before, and it's a great motivator. I don't think I spend any less time doing school work etc than most of my class mates. It's just that I fill my "off-hours" with cuddling and diaper changes rather than drinking and whatever else folks do :)

My point? Parenting and MBAing is totally doable but it's true that you will have to forsake some elements of the MBA experience ... which may be a good or a bad thing, depending on your point of view. Also, know that the flexibility of the GSB approach is especially good for parents and that the school is trying to do better by families here. The more student moms and pops here the better! Come one, come all.

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Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see how the GSB's attempts to become more family freindly will gel with its initiative to attract more early career(read single) candidates.
Anyway, I had my interview at the Harper center this Friday and I felt I did well. Of course my interviewer might beg to differ and his is the only opinion that counts.

Hopefully, I'll make it and meet you in person over admit weekend. IM being my post MBA goal, I'm looking forward to some tips on pitching stocks. Meanwhile Happy Thanksgiving from me, wifey and the little one. And keep writing.