Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sanity returns

Went home after class yesterday morning and just napped with Baby Y all afternoon. Much needed. Today was all about homework, also much needed. I have some very viable (as in, I really like the position) second rounds which I hope to turn into final offers and one last first round that I feel pretty good about and hope to get a second round interview from. But even if they all turn into dings in the end - I can handle it now. I lost sight of my own worth last week somewhere in the midst of the perpetual scrutiny and grilling. (I've never done 10+ serious interviews in one week before.) But there's nothing like rejection to refuel my sense of determination. I'll either find something in the end. Or I'll just go live out in the mountains where I grew up and grow carrots and write books. Baby Y can run around in the woods and Y can make art. Not much to lose here.

But enough job talk! Back to school work I go.

Love this crazy Chicago weather.

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Anonymous said...

I'm at the GSB too and going through the same shit. Frankly, I'm so disappointed with the results, I wish I'd never bothered with this MBA. Good luck to ya. I wish I had the positive vision you do.