Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hanging in ... barely

Not much to say here. I am hanging in but worried that I'll be so run down for my second rounds that I'll completely biff my opportunity to get a final offer. I am so jealous of first-years who interviewed with one-round companies. Can you imagine the joy of getting an internship after a nice 30 minute chat on campus? Not having to fly around the country for day long grill-fests, defending the intracies of your macro outlook or financial projections, all the while knowing that the odds of getting an interview are still not in your favor despite your best efforts?

I had the worst mid-term of my life on Monday - I studied but was just so brain dead I could barely get through it. My goal is not to fail that class which is, to say the least, not my usual mindset about classes. Thank you, grade non-disclosure. I have another mid-term next week and am heartily behind in just about everything right now. (As I believe are many of us right now :) I'm trying to just get the most of out this quarter's classes without beating myself up too much about my performance. It's just hard when you know you could do so much better but just don't have the time/strength to do any more than you are already doing. Welcome to life, eh? Ha.

I appreciate the frankness of the anonymous GSB poster (on last post). I wonder if some of my "positive attitude" on this blog stems from the fact that my identity is so thinly veiled ...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day which is a holiday that I normally dislike, but this year it's really rubbing salt in the wound. I seem incapable of celebrating anything other than getting through one more interview or showing up to class on time. I still think the MBA is worth it but won't be if I lose a husband in the process. Sigh. (Married prospectives beware - the MBA is not spouse friendly. I know you've been warned, and it's true.)


HappyBunny said...

Hanging there! :P *hugs* All your effort will finally pay off. Maybe get your husband more involved in the process would be a good idea, though I don't know how. Make him do all your homework :P (just kidding)

the being said...

I know what u mean about feeling run down. I realize that now I actually have an "interview me". This is a smiling, bright-eyed, hyper-active creature which is very different from the real me. You gotta find that switch and turn it on :P

I am sure your time to celebrate will come shortly. Its only a matter of time.