Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to school

I envy envy envy women who enjoy pregnancy, the nausea-free ones. At the very least it seems like every pregnant woman should be able to enjoy eating! Sheesh. I can't wait for the second trimester. My friend was telling me that she vomited every day of her pregnancy, multiple times per day, which made severe daily nausea seem like a blessing in comparison.

In other news, full-time recruiting starts up in full force tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it. I feel that I am far more prepared to make recruiting work for me this year rather than feeling like a helpless hostage, desperate and afraid, in the process. I also received a few more heartening recruiting emails from the resume book (which I had assumed no worthwhile employers actually looked at) which made me feel slightly better about myself. It will still be a long road but I'm trying to enjoy it.

Classes start Thursday. I will be taking Financial Statement Analysis (30130), Taxes and Business Strategy (30118) and Financial Instruments (35100). This means I will end up with an Accounting concentration. I'm not entirely sure 30130 will be new news but Abbie Smith is a star and I didn't want to miss the course just in case ... Two accounting classes is a bit much in one quarter for my taste but I've heard reasonably good things about 30118 and, frankly, there were few classes I was very excited about taking this quarter anyway. And 35100 should be largely review. Veronesi declined to waive this prereq for me for his 35131 which I want to take this winter.


HappyBunny said...

new baby? :) congrats! I envy the eat whatever you want part :) Wish you all the best for new semester.

The Ruminator said...

Hi - have been following your adventures for a long time and you indirectly gave me lots of tips for applying for my own MBA. Am at Lon Business School now and have started my own blog. Would you mind if I slotted a link to your on my page?

PS. Heartiest Congrats on number two!

Happy Weekend

MaybeMBA said...

happybunny - eating all you want is a pregnancy myth, unfortunately. or maybe that's just me ...

ruminator - nice blog, link away.