Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let the madness begin

What a week. The onslaught of obligations and commitments this week was a shock to the system. The nausea and fatigue just gets worse. Wednesday I could barely move off the couch - which is not my usual style! To say the least. I think I'm actually finishing up my first trimester this coming week. So perhaps relief is in sight. I need to find a doctor! But instead I'm enjoying (ha!) Fama's Foundations of Finance. Against my better sense I have enrolled in 35901. I will probably drop the course but wanted to at least attend the first class. But, man! this first class reading assignment is boring.

Y's employment options are very bad right now which is incredibly stressful when we spend a private school tuition on childcare for Y these days. Allegedly one of these days I won't have to worry about money - seems hard to imagine as worrying about money has defined the last 25 years of my existence.

Ok, that's enough whining for now.

On a happier note, seem to be some great first-years in this batch ... and a few of your usual MBA-types, to be expected.

I can't even write straight ... the implications of bivariate normality have robbed me of any surplus brainpower.


Anonymous said...

The kind of commitment you are depicting here is unmatched.
Me and my wife appreciates your efforts towards your Goal.
Truely remarkable and amazing. You and few others are the reason why I am about to start my own blog. I'll be going to mention you as one of my inspirations to jot down my MBA madness :))
Keep inspiring...Have Fun!!!

MaybeMBA said...

Hi anonymous - good luck to you!