Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Someone is feeling optimistic

So it looks like Mr. Marks of Oaktree seems to be of the opinion that our sense of gloom may have reached a nadir, making this a good time to join the contrarians in the optimistic camp. Latest memo here: http://www.oaktreecapital.com/memo.aspx. (until replaced by the new memo) I have a great deal of respect for Marks, and find the idea appealing, but I still have deep reservations about the ability of the U.S. economy to create prosperity in the coming years as our resources go towards salvaging the wreck rather than making long-term investments that increase productivity. I would not be surprised by a multi-year stagnation in the equity markets.

But in regards to my personal circumstances, my outlook is becoming somewhat more positive as I will have my last on campus interview next week and can then can ignore recruiting land for the next 7 months or so. The lack of recruiting opportunities, at the moment, feels more freeing than stressful. So that's good.

More specific MBA posts coming soon ... ish. And, as always, topic requests welcome. If find it harder to know what to write about as I get further from the applicant stage.


Anonymous said...

What's your perception of the classes offred at Gleacher compared to Hyde Park? I know it's the same proffesors but since you are there, do you see any diffrences in delivery, content, style, experience...?

Hope recruiting ends up well for you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck i really hope everything works out for you!!!! How about some more posts on recruiting, GSB's career office, what your fellow classmates have been doing about the poor environment. Would luv to hear about that!!!! thanks

MaybeMBA said...

oops - my spam box was eating my blog comments - so just saw these now.

Anon #1: I haven't taken many classes at Gleacher, just a few make up classes. This quarter is my first time doing so. But from what I have observed and heard from other students, the biggest difference is due to the differene between the PT and FT communities. I feel that the FT community is a bit more tightly knit, (likely has more free time), and is arguably of slightly higher caliber (sorry, I know the school denies it but there is definitely a difference - it seems well established, for example, that the average exam/hw scores of the evening sections are lower than the equivalent day time sections). Since the poor PTers are juggling work, school and often family, they have serious time constraints and can be a little less enthusiastic, participatory in the class room. I've heard from profs that they can be more resistant to work load. It's definitely a different feel in the class room but, unless the class relies heavily on class participation and team work, doesn't necessarily diminish the learning experience because I think the profs deliver the material in a very similar manner, to the extent possible.

Anon #2 - great ideas, will post my thoughts in the coming days.