Sunday, November 02, 2008

To a Baby Free Morning

Y took Baby Y to the zoo this morning which means I got to sleep in (until 8!) and now get to drink tea and comb through financial statements in luxurious silence and calm. While Baby Y is the happiest thing in my life, moments like this remind me how much harder it has become to get life done now.

Happily, Baby Y is at a life stage now when he can somewhat amuse himself without needing me by his side at all moments but he can't stand it when I'm on the laptop. If I just read a book quietly in the corner, he'll leave me alone. But the laptop comes out and he's suddenly trying to wrestle it from me. We did trick or treating at the GSB on Friday and the contrast between Baby Y and the other little ones was stark. Most seemed completely content to hang close to the parents but he wants to meet everyone and go everywhere and, damn, he's fast. At home, he's using our Bjorn bouncy chair as a diving board and disassembling the kitchen and jimmying the lock on the CD cabinet ... at the same time. Y laughs at me because I thought, given Y and my personalities, we'd have this calm little shy guy who would play blocks quiet like in the living room. Oh my, no. Maybe next time.

Ok, back to work! More interesting posts this week when I am finally done interviewing.


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