Monday, October 13, 2008

Why I like Hyde Park

Given some of my negative comments, you might wonder why I can stand to live in Hyde Park at all. Despite some of the unfortunate crimes 'round these parts, Hyde Park has a cozy, little town feel. I love it that biking to school. I love that I can walk everywhere. I love all the big, old trees and houses. I love being close to the university with students and faculty from around the world and free museums and lectures by the world's most renowned thinkers. I love all the playgrounds and parks where Baby Y gets to hang out with babies from Hungary and China and Mexico. I love that the south side ladies chastise me when they think Baby Y might not be dressed warmly enough or when they feel I have failed in other parenting measures. I love my little local Hyde Park Produce which lacks such necessities as canned corn but sports a mean selection of hummus and cheese and Italian cookies and one of the more eclectic clienteles ever to be found picking out the best head of lettuce and cashiers who coo over Baby Y and give him cookies. I love eating gelato at Istria and walking along the little beaches on the lake. I love taking free ballet classes at the university or paying for classes at the sweet little local ballet studio with some of the world's friendliest teachers. (Ballet teachers used to come in two flavors - mean and sadistic. I don't miss that.)

So, despite my complaints, life is not so bad here. It will be a decent place to live for two years and I don't regret it at all. Assuming I make it out safely! ;)

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