Wednesday, November 12, 2008

But at least half of us are deluded

For some reason, when I'm feeling anxious (and likely quite tired) I find myself glued to my laptop combing the Internet for some consolation rather than crawling into bed. Baby Y has had a rough evening - perhaps an upset stomach - lots of screaming and writhing which never happens with him. Poor little guy. And I've been ready for bed since about 7:30. I've been "single mom" for the last couple of days and, man, does that wear a woman out! And that was just a few days. Y and I are also sorting through some very hard personal decisions due to his unfortunate inability to make a decent living in Chicago. We've been inching towards decision time for months now and it's all coming to a head in the coming weeks. Stalling my bedtime means stalling staring into the darkness silently obsessing.

Anyhow, I think perhaps the quote from Cochrane in today's WSJ may be the note I should end my day on.

You should only ever buy, sell or rebalance if you're different than the average person. We all like to think we're smarter than average, but at least half of us are deluded, so that's a dangerous way to invest ... If you're about the same as everyone else, do nothing and relax. If you're wrong, at least you will have excellent company.

I love it. Go Vanguard.

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