Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fare thee well, GSB

Will all due respect to Mr. Booth (thank you for giving all the buckaroos btw since I'm not planning to be donating anything anytime soon, if ever), as far as I am concerned I am still attending the GSB. At least until I graduate. As a DSAC volunteer, I just received an email from the admissions folks which made me chuckle. We are NOT The BSB (thank goodness!), we were reminded (or The Booth School, The Booth School of Business, or Chicago Booth School of Business). The brand name is Chicago Booth. Preferred name is Booth. Official name, if you're feeling legal, is The University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Got it? Good.


forrest gump said...

i too smiled when i read that email ;)

GSBsutras said...

Hi there !

Thanks for pointing this out.
I wasn't aware the admission folks are pushing the baptism strictly as 'Chicago Booth' versus the BSB? I'll update my post accordingly.


m@ said...

Sorry, but all I can think of is a revision to the Bloodhound Gang song..."The Booth, the Booth, the Booth is on fire..."