Thursday, November 20, 2008

Finally, some good news

So Y has been hunting for a job for about 6 months now. It's something I've mentioned only fleetingly but it's been a HUGE contributor to my stress levels and sense of gloom (and marital tension). And finally the hunt is over.

And while this job pays 2/3 what he was making previously and offers no benefits and requires a two hour daily round-trip commute (via the red line) (just one of the reasons we will not be staying in Chicago), at least we get to stay in the same city together which is worth a lot right now. The idea of raising Baby Y and giving birth to Baby X while finishing an MBA and finding a job, as a "single-mom" was more than I could handle. I could get through it, but I didn't want to. Nor did Y. So I can't even begin to express what an enormous relief this is. I am a changed woman. Now all I have to worry about is finding my own job ... and getting some damn classes.

On some school news, Dean Snyder held a town hall today to discuss the school naming and the ramifications of the economic crisis which I think was greatly appreciated. I don't like change, so have been slow to embrace Booth, but am a bit surprised by the adamant Booth haters. Who cares? Personally, I think Dimensional Funds is a fantastic addition to the investment world and think Booth is a good a representative of the school as anyone. I want Chicago to have the opportunity to show the world what a good business education looks like - and it takes money. So all in all, I think this is a great kick in the pants especially when it feels like the world is falling apart. I'm pleased.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog. I like reading it because of your sense of humour about your obviously tough life(MBA, kid, money, job etc). I only wish I could see things that way.
Believe me you are so much better off to have both your partner and kid with you as you do your MBA and look for a job. Circumstances have forced me to be away from my family while studying for MBA and it has turned out to be the most challenging(to put it mildly) and depressing period of my life.
All the best for all your hopes and dreams!

MaybeMBA said...

Anon - boy, I hear you. I've seen GSB moms do school with hubby sans babe and school with babe sans hubby and schools sans whole family, and it looks miserable. I don't know how army spouses (wives) do it. Or immigrants who leave their fams behind for a new country. So I definitely know that, despite my minor personal challenges, I am very lucky. Good luck to you and your family!