Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fall quarter recap

I think I've spent most of my posts this quarter ranting about the economic crisis and my lack of faith in my chosen career, so what else am I doing when not griping? Here are some of the more enjoyable (or at least non-academic/recruiting) moments of my fall quarter:
  • IM Conference - Full day, downtown. As mentioned previously, I didn't have much patience for many of the speakers, but that's just me. The co-chairs did a good job. And for folks who are not as jaded as I am, the speakers were probably great. Definitely recommended for future first-years.
  • Healthcare Conference - Most of the day, at Harper Center. Interesting panels. I don't think I attended this one last year but I thought it was well done.
  • Midwest Alternative Energy Venture Forum - Last year (which I think might have been the first year) this was only open to entrepreneurs and VC folk, not students, but GSBers (er, Boothies) could get in by offering to volunteer. This year it seemed like there were at least a handful of non-volunteer students so perhaps they opened it up. If you're excited about alternative energy, this is a great opportunity to see some really interesting entrepreneurs present their businesses. The student led Energy Group did a follow-on half-day Clean Tech Forum at the school which I wasn't able to attend.
  • 10th Annual EVC Conference: This is actually one of my favorite conferences done at the GSB (er, Booth). Great panels. Great speakers. Fun co-attendees. Highly recommended even if you are not an EVCer. This year seemed even better than last.
  • EVP events: Tom First (from Nantucket Nectars) LnL was one of the best presentations I've been to at the GSB ever. I've gone to a couple of Start Up Factory events (formerly Beers and Idears) which were fine. Attended the NVC kickoff.
  • IMG LnL: Last year I was surprised by how few second years attended any of the IMG stuff but now realize the group really caters to first-years. We meet regularly on Wednesdays over the fall quarter and as long as I'm free I definitely try to go. I think SMIF is trying to become more transparent and involved which is good.
  • Other assorted LnLs (but much less than last year), LPFs (which seem to be awfully sporadic). I am terrible at attending any of the late-night, bar-oriented socials that various groups hold. Last year I made some effort - this year I don't even bother putting it on my calendar.
  • Yoga classes with the yoga group until I had to admit that trying to do yoga with this enormous belly was doing me more harm than good. Nonetheless, I love that ability to take class without even leaving the Harper Center and wish I could continue to take advantage of it. I'd love to take more ballet at Ida Noyes but the schedule this quarter is really slim.

See, there's more to life than jobs and homework at Booth (there, I said it!)

(I find myself perpetually humming Sesame Street songs ... argh!! So damn catchy. My mom got Baby Y a CD of Sesame Street from around the world, so now I have a Chinese version of the rubber ducky song competing with the Indian version of 'can you tell me how to get to sesame street' in my head. Oy.)


Monika said...

I am also an MBA mom and expecting baby in Jan 2009. As I am wrapping the finals of fall quarter, I am wondering how difficult the next quarter will be? You are my inspiration . And I was wondering if I can get tips from you to get through this.My email is


MaybeMBA said...

Congrats, Monika! That's very exciting. I will shoot you an email.